Realwood Crafters Quality Wood Doors

Ordering Process and What to Expect

Realwood Crafters Quality Wood Doors

Ordering Process and What to Expect

From Order to Delivery - What to Expect from Realwood Crafters

Your Wood Door Source.

Realwood Crafters is the premier source for custom quality wood doors at production scale. That means you get your doors the right way at the right time guaranteed. Our process has been refined to provide streamlined methods of production, resulting in industry-leading turnaround times from order to shipment. For custom doors, click here.

1. Order Consultation

After requesting pricing or an order, our team will reach out to you via phone or email to discuss pricing and options with you.

3. Order Drawings

Within one business day, we will prepare and email you drawings that illustrate your pre-hanging selections. Our drawings will also include frame size and door swing. Please review the drawings thoroughly and notify us within 24 hours if you find any issues with the order.

2. Order Review

Once you've decided on a purchase, we will thoroughly review turnaround times, payments and ensure the final destination is correct.

4. Production

Once you’ve approved the final drawings and paid any required deposits, production will begin within 24 hours.

Streamlined Processes.

Our highest priority is to get you the artisan-quality doors of your dreams within industry-leading turnaround times. To meet these goals, our packing and shipping processes are designed to offer protection during transit while also meeting deadlines.

5. Quality Control

Once stock picking or production is complete, quality control will re-check your doors and order prior to packaging. Quality control will ensure the door, frame and hardware are all included and perform as they should.

7. Shipping

Once the order is safely packed, we will arrange with the shipping company to pick up the order. We will then notify you via email with the specific delivery details such as freight company name and tracking number. We only ship with freight companies who provide our customers with an online tracking system and superior service.

6. Pre-Shipment

Due to oversized shipping methods, special preparations must be taken for packaging. Door(s) are shipped on a solid and secure crate. The crate is designed to protect your door(s) and to ensure that it will arrive in perfect condition.

8. Production and Packing

Once the order arrives to the local terminal in your area, the shipping company will contact you directly to schedule date and time of delivery. Someone must be on site to receive and inspect the order at time of delivery. All orders are delivered curb side on a truck with a liftgate. Please follow the delivery instructions provided by us included in the email sent when order ships. Any special delivery needs should be arranged prior to production.

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We pair artisan millworkers with modern technology to manufacture custom quality real wood doors at production scale. Our service is unmatched in the industry.