About Realwood Crafters Custom Wood Doors

Quality At Scale

About Realwood Crafters Custom Wood Doors

Quality At Scale

Only The

Quality Doors.

By pairing modern technology, seasoned craftsmen, and timeless techniques, we are able to produce the solid real wood doors that your most important projects call for. We manufacture exterior and interior doors using a variety of wood species. We utilize some of the highest-quality exotic mahogany in the world as our “standard” material, and our procurement team can source whatever unique species your project demands.

Every door we make is reviewed and approved during our quality control process by an independent artisan millworker before leaving our plant. We control the process: CAD design, production planning, material procurement, machine tooling, manufacturing, and delivery are all in-house.

In House Door Production

Quality Craftsmanship at Scale.

“The artisans and designers at Realwood Crafters have decades of experience in the art of custom door manufacturing. Regardless of the scope, scale, or specifications of the project, we have always been able to rise to the task of crafting our customers’ dreams.”

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Custom Doors at Production Scale

Realwood Crafters Custom Wood Doors

High Quality Hard and Soft Woods

Wood and Finish Options

At Realwood Crafters, we offer many types of high quality, sustainable hard and softwoods for all of our doors. If you require a wood that is not shown here, please submit a request. We also provide antique, rustic and reclaimed wood as inventory allows.

Andean Mahogany

Red Oak


Hard Maple

Peruvian Walnut

Douglas Fir

Western Red Cedar

White Pine



Black Walnut

Spanish Cedar

Bald Cypress


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We pair artisan millworkers with modern technology to manufacture custom quality real wood doors at production scale. Our service is unmatched in the industry.